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A car purchase is rarely an inexpensive project. Why buy blindly when we can take your hand and show you what that car has been up to.


CARvity VIN reports offer you the very rare delight of choosing from different sources of VIN records. So if you want just pictures, pictures and a brief history, records from birth and even sales price, then, welcome!

Confident purchase:

Isn’t it just a satisfying feeling to see through the facts (and maybe lies) of a desperate salesman? Our reports give you that delight and the confidence you need to buy or to simply walk away.


Never have you seen premium reports come at such a price. We understand the ordeal of finding a good car and our prices reinforce our empathy.

Buffet of sources

Our buffet of sources: Get to choose from CARFAX, IAAI, MANHEIM, AUTOCHECK & COPART all in one serving! Yeah, this is a good time to pinch yourself.

Let’s store for you!

Every VIN check you make is stored away for you for future reference. It remains in your account! Isn’t that just great! This is so you don’t have to return and pay again, for the same report. Yes, we are caring by default.

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About CarVity. is one of Nigeria’s only Car-tech companies, specializing in the innovation, manufacturing, distribution, sales and installation of car accessories engineered to bring comfort, luxury and performance to car users. We are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as CARvity Trade Hub Limited and have remained driven by the need to be the synonym of quality as far as automotive related needs are concerned. Our core is in our ever-growing variety of quality items across all the brands of vehicles on the road. Where we can’t find these accessories within our climes (and there has been such times), we go the extra mile to bring these from any regions of the world, where we can find them. Our vision remains to be the preferred name for quality car accessories, that are innovative, pocket-friendly, diverse and delivered timely and courteously.

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